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The Concept of the Scientific Apparatus of Dissertation Research

The scientific apparatus of the dissertation research is intended to reflect the main characteristics of scientific work, to show from what angle the issue was studied, and what hypothesis was proved by the author.

The scientific apparatus is reflected in the introductory part of any dissertation. It consists of the following elements: idea (topic), object and subject, relevance of the topic, problem statement, goal and objectives, hypothesis, methodological basis for the study, degree of scientific development of the topic, novelty and significance.

Design (theme)

At the beginning of any work, the author describes the idea. It should be understood as the main idea (topic), which will connect all theses, mechanisms and other components into a single whole. The idea (theme) actually predetermines the main stages of the study. The entire scientific apparatus is always concentrated around a specific idea.


The author of the dissertation research needs to substantiate the relevance of the chosen topic. This postulate proves the need to address the main issue, confirms its unresolved.

It should be noted that the relevance of the topic is an obligatory element of the introduction of any research work. Without this criterion, the project will not be allowed to be defended. In the dissertation, the researcher should consider only fresh data that reflect the real picture, the real problem.

Subject and object

We have already written more than once about the differences between the subject and the object. The author has to correctly define these elements of the scientific apparatus, thereby outlining the boundaries of the study.

The subject describes specific properties of a phenomenon/process. It is a specific part of an object. The object of study is most often understood as a real unit, on the example of which the problem is considered. The subject actually limits the consideration of the problem on the basis of a specific object.

The problem

In the dissertation research, the author has to solve a specific problem related to the topic. The problem is an existing contradiction. Identifying a problem is not easy. Most often, manifests itself at the junction of "old" and "new" theories, rules, when the old concepts have lost their relevance, and in the new ones the problem has not been fully resolved and requires intervention to correct the situation for the better.

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