@Home for the Holidays 2020


December 5, 2020

1pm-6pm EST/10am-4pm PST

  • Opening Statements | Host, Jackson Galaxy (@thecatdaddy), Susanne Kogut (@petcofoundation), & Cat Camp founder, Christina Ha, of Meow Parlour (@whiskstowhiskers, @meowparlour)

  • Baby Steps | Hannah Shaw (@kittenxlady): Giving little kittens a big head start 

  • Vaccines: How vaccinations protect kittens

  • Build a Winter Home | Chris (@catasticalmeows)

  • Primetime | Dr. Kris Chandroo (@the100xvet) & Jackson Galaxy: Nurturing a healthy, happy, loving cat during their prime years

  • Pawliday Crafts | Paige Wilson (@paigebwilson): Make DIY Cat Gifts for the Holidays

  • Senior Life | Ellen Carozza, LVT (@thecatlvt), & Jackson Galaxy: Tackling double-digit wellness

  • Lizza ake Owl Kitty: Behind the Scenes

  • A Life Well-Lived | Dr. Dani McVeti (@lapofloveveterinaryhospice): Caring and preparing in the final life stage  

  • Closing Statements | Jackson Galaxy


  • Campfire Stories | Paul Koudounaris (@hexenkult): Extraordinary Tales of Cats Throughout History

  • World's Largest Game of Cat Man Bingo | Adam Myatt, the Cat Man of West Oakland (@catmanofwestoakland) - Downloadable Play-At-Home Sheets

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